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Elizabeth West Elizabeth is a bhakta whose longing for and ecstatic love of God has led her past the realms of traditional spiritual path, into parenthood, around service, through the deepest personal valleys, up onto the heights where all is love, and often beyond, into realms that defy attempts to render them in words. The work comes directly from Spirit; Elizabeth is simply someone who has consented to be a conduit. She has been working intentionally with energy since 2001, began receiving channeled guidance in 2002, and has been sharing what has come through the while. In addition to that which she has learned directly from Source, she has studied--among other things--non-animistic shamanism, hypnotherapy, forgiveness work of several sorts, flower essences, Emotional Freedom Technique, LaHo-Chi energy healing, and she is a Reiki master.

Grounded in Elizabeth’s ability to merge with the higher selves and guides
of others, the work helps her to see, to understand and to translate what is there. We all inherently know everything, and yet as we come into form, we forget much, are sometimes confused and wander off the path. Many clients note that Elizabeth’s readings have helped them remember truth that they already knew deep within but somehow had lost touch with. The work, a combination of intuitive insight, spiritual counseling and direct energy healing, helps to lift the veil on your own most profound knowing and supports you in choosing how you will use it to move into the fullness of your own being.

Elizabeth perceives the challenges we face as portals that point
the way to transformation. Rather than problems to solve or remove, she experiences them as invitations to become free, signposts on the path to healing, gifts from the divine that, when followed, direct us more intimately into the heart of our own truth, our own love.

Her work is available world-wide by telephone or Skype, and in person in Richmond, California.