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Each week, generally on Sunday, Elizabeth channels a reading for the upcoming week. Something like an energetic weather forecast, it offers a look at what might lie ahead, within and from without, along with suggestions about how best to make use of the time and energies for your personal and the planet’s well-being.

These readings are an offering made freely to anyone and everyone who finds them useful. If you do find them helpful, and would like to make a contribution to the cost of making them available, your donation is always very much appreciated.

Find this week’s reading here, readings from the past and archived transmissions here. Also, find a series of simple practices to cultivate and enhance joy in your life here.


“I’ve worked with various channels and guides over the years, and from the beginning of my contact with Elizabeth’s work, I’ve felt/been impressed by the clarity and compassion that her teachers share.

While the specific content of the words is almost always “right on” for me,
I also feel that the words also convey a particularly high vibrational
frequency, such that simply reading the words is a healing in and of itself.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth and the guides for their commitment to helping
all of us find the highest healing that we can, during these very
challenging times for our planet and our collective consciousness.”
--AS, NewYork

“It has been around half a year now that I have been reading Elizabeth's channelings. Although living almost at the other side of the world, for me they always feel like the right message at the right time. Each week the texts are so well tuned, not only the issues channeled, but also the heartfelt tone and Universal Love transmitted. Besides this I personally enjoy very much Elizabeth's rich and expressive language. Inspiration for life at different levels...”
-- EvL, Netherlands

“I only recently began receiving your weekly readings. It is amazing to
me how each weekly topic is like an answer to a prayer! Somehow it brings to light and validates a deep intuitive knowing within myself. I am really using this guidance in my life and by doing so I feel more like I am flowing with the rhythm of life rather than swimming against it. Thank you so much for this gift!”
-- LB, California