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LOVE IS THE WAY: Daily Offerings From The Guides For Living Luminously,
by Elizabeth West           
Paperback, 414 pages, 7”x10:  Buy Book Now

The Guides, who describe themselves as "your heart's deepest love and your soul's greatest wisdom," offer a year's circle of daily lessons, contemplations, practices, exercises and inquiries to support and assist those who are on the path to realizing and embracing their own highest nature. In the context of these practical and specific lessons, they ask that we soar, that we reach for our most profound gifts, while at the same time reminding us never to abandon our connection to nature and to our vital lives here on Earth. Their basic message is quite simple: we are all inherently divine, and our hearts--often veiled or shuttered--are the seats of unfathomable Godforce. They teach us to open to the vast capacity to love and be love which we already possess, to learn to bring that transcendent love into the mundane, to infuse our daily grind with celestial light, to live luminously in each breath we take.

The way is not always easy, though, and The Guides are the first to acknowledge that. They are there with reassurance and practical advice when fear, habit, reaction and self-doubt obscure the path, and they extend encouragement and inspiration when we are stuck.

"Love Is The Way" is both a hands-on manual for living with greater joy and freedom in this world, and an introduction to The Guides' understanding of the cosmos and our place in it.

“Every morning as I begin my day I seek guidance from the daily offerings in Love is the Way.  Each reading provides support for my personal work of the heart, gently reminding me to stay with that work, providing suggestions, encouragement, and practices in a loving way.  The words resonate with my inner knowing and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how to live the best life that I can.”   ~   Annie, TN

The Guides’ readings have always been made available without charge. The messages are free; it is—as always-- the form that carries a cost.  If you would like to read the book in a PDF format, please don’t hesitate to ask for it; I will happily send it your way.  If you find that it is meaningful and useful for you, I ask you to consider purchasing the paperback or Kindle version.  Thank you.